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Hello!  My name is Shawna. I am the wife to my best friend in this world, as well as a mother to our 5 children. 

No, I did not originally dream of growing up to be a photographer. Closer to the opposite. I wanted to be in front of the camera. I wanted to be a model, an actress, a singer, and a dancer. I had a few times show up in my life to do some modeling, and as I was aiming for the modeling, I was also noting what I liked about the photographers who were taking my pictures. It was through this process, and advising some less experienced photographers what I needed them to let me know as the pictures were being taken, that I realized I know how to be a good photographer. I could be one of the photographers that I really enjoyed working with.

I did not go out and buy my first DSLR (fancy camera)    right away,  however, my cameras moved up the scale from disposable to my newest DSLR. While I have moved through my list of cameras, I have also gotten better at capturing the shots I am aiming to capture, as well as letting my "models" know how I needed them to adjust for the better photo. Simply put, my skills have grown to being a higher level, as have my choices in cameras.

I received my first official DSLR for my birthday in the year 2014. Yes, I have, and continue to, torture my family with constantly taking photos. It is especially fun when the flash goes off and their eyes have adjusted to the dark atmosphere. While I do not always get them all to look at the camera for every photo, or smile for that matter, I am able to capture naturally beautiful photos of those I have photographed. Sometimes, I even prefer the non-smiling, or all looking in a different direction while laughing, better than the posed, forced smiles, photographs.

I call myself a family-oriented photographer. What does this mean? If you invite me to be your wedding photographer, you will end up with photos of the bride and the groom, along with photos of the guests watching as the vows are made. If you ask me to take your professional business photos, I will take them with the expectation that they will help you succeed in your ventures. If you ask me to capture your family memories, I will be capturing them with the knowledge that time is precious. 

I have also taken tons of photos of the nature I find myself in. I take photos of nature as a reminder that this nature is one of the ways I have been able to find beauty in the dark times of my life. Even when I felt lost, nature has always been present, and calming, for me.

This leads into my "becoming your friend" offerings. I have lived my life, and I have learned how to be the person I am through a learning process. I am offering to assist you with becoming a person who is able to find beauty in the dark times of your life. 

Another way you can work with me, is through my business offerings. I had wanted to start my business for over 13 years. Technically, I had wanted to start a business as far back as I can remember. I was stopped by the unknown. I figured it must cost a fortune, that is why people have to find investors to start their businesses. I had no idea where I would even start, as well. I let the unknown stop me from making my dream into a reality for me.

I made the choice to start researching and learning how to start my business in January 2020. I learned that the unknown I had been allowing to stop me was extremely simple in reality. I have a video that you can watch showing you the steps I took to make my dream of a business into a reality for my life.  I am willing to walk with you through your own journey of creating your business.

I have also started writing a blog on this site. Each entry is written when the inspiration appears.  Reading them will give you more information regarding who I am, and why I do what I do.    I    will respond if you reach out with any questions!

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