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About Me

Hello! I am Shawna, and I am an Intuitive Creator.

I create life transformations through play and creation utilizing: Intuitive Healing, The Beauty of Perspective, Sacred Sound, Reiki, Cards, Crystals, Dreamcatchers, Drums, Jewelry, Retreats, Ceremonies, Photography, Classes, Parties, Creativity, Adventures, Fun, and Play. I also have training in Light Language, Entourage, and Intuitive Gifts. I have been able to move energy since I was a young child, and I enjoy assisting others on their healing journeys! 

If you are ready to commit to the healing you are desiring and to make the changes needed in yourself and your life, then I am ready to assist you on your journey.

I am unique

I am an
intuitive photographer

I am me

I am an
intuitive artist

I am an
intuitive creator

I am love

I am powerful

I am a certified
Reiki Master

I am special

I am an
intuitive writer

I believe

I have training in

Who Am I??

I am an intuitive lover

I have training in
Sacred Sound Healing

I have training in
Intuitive Gifts

I have training in
Light Language

Faith, Trust,
Pixie Dust

I have loved

I have training in
Intuitive Healing

I have training in
(spiritual team members)

I have lost


I love creating!

When I am able to create custom pieces/sessions for others, it fills my cup!

I have enjoyed creating from a very young age. Creating things from arts and crafts to creating healing for others.

As far back as I can remember, I have had an active imagination & an amazing connection with my Father. Creating things, including life transformations, is one of my outlets for all the downloads that come in. It is also a way for me to share the love, true unconditional true love, I have found in my life. Creating is my place of play.

Creating healing for others may sound like "I heal people!" That is not how it is. Rather, I create the space for others to find their own healing.

"I can help you with that." A comment I have been known to say. I wouldn't be so confident when I say this if what I do hadn't changed my own life and brought healing into it. 

The second part to this statement comes out, when one appears interested, is a list of questions.

Do you believe you can find healing?

Do you want to find healing?

Like really want to? 

This means following the guidance, taking the action steps required to complete the search. 

No two intuitive healing sessions are the same, so describing one can be difficult.

I can tell you that in every intuitive healing session, I start with confirming my line to my Father is in flow. Then, we connect with your chosen higher power, and through them, to you. Through this connection, the energies can flow to bring in the needed information to complete the session and it will show the next steps, if there are any.

Note: Healing can come in layers. These layers can come in varying intensities. Working with me means you have access to me through it all.

"I am my most powerful 
when my creativity isgiven a voice." 

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