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A Magical Transformation

Rising From The Ashis Towards Your North Star


  • Full Moon Release Ceremony

  • Sound Bath

  • Drum Making



  • Friday 2:30 P.M. - 9 P.M.

  • Saturday 9 A.M. - 7 P.M.

  • Sunday 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.

@ Synchronicities in Sandy, UT

with the Drum Making to be set for a later date!!!

Only $650!!!!!
You can reserve your space today!!!

Don't let money be the thing that stops you from your desires.
Reach out to us, to inquire options specific to your situation.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to let go of all of the negative thoughts that enter your mind on a daily basis?

Are you ready to release all of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your amazing potential?

Are you ready to dive into healing at a depth that is unfathomable?

Are you ready to spend 3 nights, and 4 days, with other amazing humans like yourself? Are you ready to escape your current reality?

Are you ready to learn how to return to your reality as a stronger being?

Are you ready to learn how to set the needed boundaries in your life to transform your dream life into your reality?

Are you ready to define what your dream life honestly looks like?

Are you ready to transform into an even more powerful being in all of your relationships?

Meet Your Hostess:

Shawna Feragen

   Shawna is the wife to her best friend. A mother to 5. A recovering addict. One who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, severe depression, & social anxiety. An overcomer. A fighter. A believer. A dreamer. And, A Creator!!!

   Diving into her intuition, and energy healing, she brings a powerful presence into every room she enters. She thoroughly enjoys creating jewelry & dreamcatchers - utilizing natural stones - hand-selected, hand-crafted, & energy infused, naturally  beautiful photographs - both portraiture and nature, and life transformations.

   Through personal development tools she has learned, she has formed a way to help others transform their dream lives into their reality!!! She looks forward to connecting with you, and assisting you on this path, at this retreat!!!

Elise 365 Shawna vertical.jpg

This IS for you, if....


  • ​This is for you if you know you could be happier in your life, but you don't know how to get there.

  • This is for you if you feel stuck in your life, and you can't find your next step.

  • This is for you if you are done plucking limiting beliefs one by one.

  • This is for you if you are ready to dig out the roots of your wounds.

  • This is for you if you are longing to find deep inner healing, down to the core.

  • This is for you if you are ready to make positive changes in your life.

  • This is for you if you are longing to find a community where your presence matters.

  • This is for you if you are finding it difficult to live in your body & with your current health.

  • This is for you if you are done complaining, and you are ready to take action!

  • This is for you if you are done giving everyone else all of you, and you are ready to take care of you!

  • This is for you if you are ready to live your life to the fullest!

  • This is for you if you are ready to learn how to keep your cup full, while still sharing with others!

The Line-Up

  • Hollie Hope

  • Kopo Crawford

  • Crystal Lynn Keto

  • Jennie Stone Carlson

Meet the Cast:

Hollie Hope

Hollie Hope has taught for 15 years how to identify and clear self-sabotaging negative perspectives through kinesiology and utilizing intuitive healing gifts from ancient Celtic and shamanic practices. The work she facilitates allows for healing and play in order for grace and ease to accompany deep healing. Her passion in life stems from discovering clarity and wholeness after much loss, abuse and trauma throughout her life. She has made it her life mission to aide in identifying and releasing negative perspectives we hold about ourselves and others.


Through her books, sound healing and individual sessions, she teaches how to connect the conscious and unconscious to “clear emotional crap” as her clients phrase it, and create emotional & spiritual alignment. She feels it is a sacred honor to assist individuals from pain and disconnection to freedom from self-sabotage, suppressed feelings and toxic emotional habits that most often we are oblivious to. The wonderful part is she can assist to achieve a clear perspective without dwelling on pain or dredging up the past in a long drawn out process by appeasing high conscious and unconscious sides of the mind and body.



Kopo will be bringing a special event. Kirtan and Sound Healing/Sound Bath.

Singing healing mantra's, a call and response form of Bhakti Yoga. Moving into a magical sound bath journey.


Kopo Magic started playing music as soon as he could reach the keys of the piano. Music has been a part of Kopo's life. Always singing a melody and drumming on the pots and pans as a child. Later he became a percussionists and started playing harp, ukulele, flutes and many other musical instruments. Studying sound healing and using music to heal the mind, body and spirit.


Jennie Carlson

Jennie Carlson is a mom, friend, business owner, yoga & chakra nerd, hippie tree hugging protector of Mother Earth and all around student to life.  She has acquired multiple certifications over the last 20 years in the health & wellness industry including yoga & nutrition. However, she specializes in taking the new age woo-woo and backing it up with physical science.  She even has a medical device that will read your aura, chakras as well as the health and vitality of 49 different organs and glands.


 Jennie loves to help people figure out if their physical problems are really just physical or if they're mental/emotional/spiritual. She also loves teaching people different tools to balance and align all those energies in a way that makes sense. At the end of the day all she wants is for everyone to know they're brilliant, amazing humans with so much light to give to the world.

This is NOT for you...


  • If you are 100% happy with where your life is right now, this isn’t for you.

  • If you prefer to pluck the limiting beliefs one by one, this isn’t for you.

  • If you enjoy healing one area of your life at a time, this isn’t for you.

  • If you don’t like positive change, this isn’t for you.

  • If you aren’t interested in growing in a community of loving, and growing, souls, this isn’t for you.

  • If you are content with your body, your health, this isn’t for you.

  • If you enjoy spending your time complaining, without doing anything to change it, this isn’t for you.

  • If you don’t like taking action, this isn’t for you.

For everyone else, join us at our Full Moon Retreat!!!!

What will you be walking away with from this retreat??

  • A drum made by you

  • A goodie bag filled with additional tools you can use

  • A community that will have this shared experience to continue to bond through, while facing life again.

  • ​And many more amazing tools

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