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The year so many were excited to have end.

2020 was actually a good year for me. While it started on a darker note for me, as I was in a dark place when it started, I was able to turn it around through choices I was making. In the beginning of the year, I was terrified. I believed due to my loss of employment, along with the injuries I had sustained (and thereby, the medical expenses that were accruing), we were going to lose everything we had built up as a family.

I had the belief that we were going to lose our home, and everything that came with it. Dreading what was going to come from the medical bills that were growing, and the copays that were still needing to be paid. I did not want to be around anyone during this time. I was a failure. I was not able to keep the job that was going to be life changing for our family. Rather, I came out of the job with medical expenses that surpassed the amount of money I had brought in through this "little kid dream job."

While I believed that gaining my "little kid dream job" was going to be life transforming, I never know that the transformation would be taking place through this way. 2019 was the year I was happy to see come to an end. Prior to losing the job, I had believed I had found the way to end the year on a highlight. I never expected to lose the job and end the year on such a low.

Not knowing how to fix this, I accepted my sisters invitation to join her at a conference she got tickets to. Not expecting it to hurt anything, I definitely didn't expect it to be the start of such a dramatic change in my life, either.

I sat in the chair, thinking that I was their for the current MLM I had signed up for not that long before. I was an Usborne Books and More consultant. This conference was created for business owners, so this company must be why I was attending this conference. By day 2, I had the realization that I was not at this conference to learn how to be a better consultant. Rather, I was at this conference to hear that I have what it takes! Why should I not take this opportunity in my life to start my own business??

I had sat on the idea of starting my own business for multiple years, yet I never took the action to look into what it would take. This conference transformed this. I heard what it took to be a successful business owner. Every trait they listed, was a trait I already had. I was ready. I found full support behind this idea at home. It was time. The research began.

I gave myself a deadline. I wanted to have my business up and running, with all forms completed and official before February started. When I talked with someone about what the steps were, it was stated that the process of starting a business, with all of the legal forms being completed, could take at least a few months.

I did not let this news discourage me. I decided I would start the process and see how long it took me to complete it all. With the desire still strong to have it all official before February, while I was starting the process on the 21st of January. This is when I learned how my desire was able to bring what I wanted into my life. As I was completing the forms, they all had approximate timelines on when I would hear back from them.

Yet, it all worked out. I filled out and turned in the final form on January 31st. I received an email requesting more information while I was at an appointment. I had the ability to answer the questions and get the email sent back over, while at my appointment. Then, they sent me the approval!!!! I had completed all the forms, and legal requirements for starting a business, with receiving all of the approvals I was needing, prior to the start of January!!!

I have done a lot of work on myself, my mindset, my routines, my beliefs, etc., throughout this year. It has not always been easy. Yet, when the beginning of the year came, I thought I would lose everything. When the end of the year showed up, I had not lost anything, other than a darkness I had thought would swallow me whole.

Also, not only did I not lose anything, I also gained things throughout the year. I gained a Jeep, along with all of the adventures it was able to take me on! I gained a business, that has also gained multiple branches. I gained the ability to help others transform their lives. I gained collaboration opportunities, along with friendships, that are all going to be moving me even further along the path I have started on.

I gained new understandings. I gained the ability to transform my household, and the knowledge of the power I alone carry in my house. I have gained a new level of spirituality, trust, and genuine faith that my Father will assist me in continuing on this journey. The knowledge that has hit a new level of understanding that he desires to give me the life of my dreams!

While I now know how my dreams are in alignment with what my Father wants for my life, I also know what steps I must take to continue on this path. I am able to take the necessary steps without doubting where they will take me. I can take the needed steps without feeling the fear that once consumed me. And I still feel one of the best parts is being able to watch how my life is affecting others'.

Throughout 2020, I have come to the realization that I am a Creator! I create naturally beautiful photographs, jewelry and dreamcatchers utilizing natural stones and crystals, and life transformations!

The photographs are a way to bring the outdoors in, for those who are not able to get out and enjoy them in person. They are also a way to capture the memories you are making as time is passing by. You will never be able to live the same moment twice, yet, with photos, you can get close through reliving these memories. Capturing your children as they are growing, reminders of how fast they truly are growing up.

I was gifted a Chakra bracelet, which started me on the journey of learning how crystals and stones were created with properties that help us throughout our lives, if we choose to lean into them. Learning these properties has made it possible for me to create items I have been given the inspiration to create, as well as custom pieces that will help others along their journeys!

With the life transformations, I have been able to take all of the lessons I have learned throughout this year, all of the actions that I have taken, and turn it into a way for others to learn from. I am able to take my knowledge, and help others transform it into something that works for them. I am able to watch as others go from a place of feeling hopeless, to finding hope. Watching as their lives are transformed through taking the steps they are needing to take!

Where I thought I would lose everything, including being okay with losing myself, at the beginning of 2020, I didn't. I was able to enjoy the year. It was a year filled with adventure! A year full of desires becoming our reality! A year full of genuine joy and love! A year I will remember as the beginning of my transformation into becoming a business owner! A year that was amazing!

While I am excited to continue on my journey, and I am excitedly moving into 2021, 2020 was an amazing year for me! I am continuing to take the inspired action steps as we are moving into 2021!

While I am looking forward to seeing what is to come, and I am learning through the experiences that have taken place, I am conscientiously choosing to live in the present moment! Choosing to learn from, and let go of, the past. Choosing to not worry what is to come in the future, even what is to come tomorrow. Rather, doing what I am being inspired to do today. Spending genuine time with my family. Just being, in the present.

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