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Becoming Intuitive

Becoming intuitive can come with bright neon signs telling you what you should be doing. Other times, it comes as subtle hints towards the choices you are needing to make. Today, my experience was in the latter.

Our eldest daughter woke up in the early hours of the morning in a panic, believing she had forgotten to turn on her alarm. She flipped the switch, and went back to sleep. Then, when she woke up, she realized she had slept in and was going to miss the bus. She went to get ready while I was waking up so I could drive her to school. I had a small thought, one that I almost completely dismissed, but I am happy I gave it a chance.

Once C was ready for the day, I asked her if she had the choice would she choose to go to school, or stay home today. She stated that she would honestly prefer to stay home. I allowed this, as we had appointments set for L, and she could be home with little Z during those appointments. We continued our morning as any other morning, by getting the younger two ready and walking them to school.

Shortly after we got home, J received a phone call. There had been an accident involving big Z, and he had blown off the tips of his fingers. J called the hospital where big Z had been admitted requesting their Covid guidelines, along with further information on his current state. He was advised that he could see big Z if he drove up to the hospital. At this point C asked if she could join him.

It was at this point that I realized why C was not supposed to go to school this morning. She was meant to join J, as I would need to stay home with L and little Z, and proceed with the already scheduled appointments. This is how we proceeded. Once J got to see big Z he learned more of the story.

Big Z was out hunting. One of the adults with him, took the time to show big Z how to properly load a muzzle loader. He then handed it to big Z to take the shot. When big Z took the shot, the gun exploded. Turns out, the gun had been loaded the night before, and then got double loaded while the adult was showing how to load it.

We are fortunate that big Z is still alive, and his injuries are minimal in comparison with what could have happened. He lost the pads on his left fingers, part of his ring finger, even more of his middle finger, and the most is missing of his first finger. He has also shattered his radial, completely broken apart with little shards of bone in his arm.

He happened to get to the hospital where an amazing surgeon works one day a week. Good news, today is that one day this week. He was taken in for surgery where they will be shaving some bone off of his first finger, at the minimum, and then pins will be placed in his fingers. For his radial, they will be placing a metal plate. They will be using screws that will be removed, however, the plate and the pins will remain.

While I am not happy that big Z was injured, I also know there was no way that we could have prevented it. We were not in control of the situation. Part of being a parent is watching them grow and make their own choices in this world. It isn't always going to be easy. Sometimes it will be fun. Sometimes it will be heartbreaking.

For me, today is filled with mixed emotions. I am excited to learn that I am leaning in to catch even the smaller of the messages! I am loving that C was on the same page as I was on, as well! I am saddened by the fact that we were not able to keep big Z safe, yet grateful that he is still alive! I already know that I will not be able to be with my loved ones every step of the way. That is where my faith comes in to play!

I would be lost without my faith. My faith keeps me strong! My faith brings hope! My faith allows me to continue living my life to the fullest extent each and every day! My faith allows me to let go of my loved ones, and trust that everything will work out! My faith allows me to have trust in myself, as well as in others. As my faith has grown stronger, my ability to trust has grown stronger, and my ability to lean into becoming intuitive has grown stronger.

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