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Choosing Positivity

We all get to choose whether we will focus on the positive or the negative each and every day. Our choices affect our attitudes, which, in turn, has the ability to affect the attitudes of those around us. I had made plans to have Easter Mini Sessions with Marshmallow, the unicorn, this past Easter. When I saw that people weren't signing up, I changed it. I could have completely cancelled the photo session, and cancelled using Marshmallow. I knew that would break my girls' hearts.

They had been looking forward to Easter photos with Marshmallow, since I first brought it up. I decided to keep the session with Marshmallow, with an adjustment on the time length we would be together. My girls all got dressed up to go get their photos with Marshmallow. The ability to see their faces light up when they saw that I was not joking when I said Marshmallow would be a unicorn made it all worth it.

This was my first time photographing with a unicorn, so I used this time to get example photos for others to see how their photos could turn out. It was all a positive experience for us, and I was able to capture some great photos as examples! While I could have been upset that nobody had signed up, and I could have thrown in the towel, I chose positivity.

My choosing positivity allowed me the opportunity to get examples to show others. It visibly spread through my girls' attitudes as we kept our opportunity to get photos of them with a unicorn. It gave me experience of working with Marshmallow, which confirmed my desire to also work with some of the other animals that are available through Ivie Acres Farm. It also allowed me the opportunity to work with Ivie Acres Farm, which was an amazing experience! My choice allowed me to see that I can, and will, do this again

Our next session together has already been set! I am excited to offer others the opportunity to get photos with Marshmallow! We will be doing Back To School Mini Sessions on August 15, 2020. This is a great way to spread the positivity! Get your children excited for the new school year by scheduling their session with Marshmallow! Put it on your calendars so they will be able to count down the days!

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