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Forgiveness 10.05.2020

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Forgiveness is a major part of my life. I would not be the person I am today, if it weren't for the forgiveness I have found in my life. Forgiveness, like love, starts with you. What do I mean by this? You can't truly love another person, unless you love yourself. Similarly, you cannot truly forgive another, until you have forgiven yourself. I found it easiest to forgive myself by finding times when I was able to experience true forgiveness in my past.

This does not mean that it is impossible to find forgiveness for yourself if you have never experienced true forgiveness in your life. It may take more awareness to experience true forgiveness, as you don't know how to recognize it yet. Once you do learn what it is, you will learn how easy it can be, and how desirable it is to continue experiencing forgiveness in your life.

Once you learn how to forgive yourself, you can learn how to like yourself, and the person you are. When you start to like yourself, you can learn how to love yourself with an unconditional love. Following loving yourself, comes trusting yourself. Trusting the choices you are making. Trusting the actions you are taking. Trusting that you are doing what you are meant, what you have been created, to do.

Learning how to trust yourself, and your choices, leads you to being able to forgive others. Forgiving others does not mean that you are saying that they were right. Also, forgiving others does not mean that you are saying that you were wrong. Forgiving others is simply letting go. It is choosing not to hold on to the feelings that come with the unforgiveness.

Feelings of anger. Feelings of rage. Feelings of frustration. Feelings of resentment. All of these have been known to lead to physical ailments, including, but not limited to, cancer. Unforgiveness can bring feelings of fear. These fears can lead to anxiety. All of these can also lead into becoming clinically depressed. When you mix the depression with the anxiety, you start to close yourself off from the world. While you are believing you are protecting yourself, you are actually causing the most harm to yourself.

As the unforgiveness becomes a part of who you are, you start to experience a spiritual disconnect. This disconnect can, and more often than not will, intensify all of the above listed feelings. These will replace who you have been created to be, with a person who is not really you.

Are you ready to find YOU again?? Are you ready to create your strong foundation that starts with forgiveness, for every area of your life?? Are you ready to let go of all of the negative unforgiveness that you are holding onto, and genuinely find forgiveness??

If you are ready, and you would like assistance with creating this strong foundation in your life, please reach out to me. I will be hosting a retreat this November, and I would love to have you join in on this life transforming event!!! I will be going over my tips on how I found forgiveness in every area of my life, as well as, how to take this into your every day life, so that forgiveness is a way of life for you! If you even have the slightest nudge to want to join in this event, I hope you will reach out to me, so that we will be able to discuss what it would look like for you to be able to join in!

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