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Getting Excited!

I was driving around in a mini van that was literally falling apart. The front passenger door was being held shut with a tow strap tied around the base of the seat, along with a bolt from the outside in. The rear sliding door, there was only one, was temperamental. If the doors got locked, it would choose whether it wanted to unlock or not. There was a trick from the inside, but no way to unlock it from the outside.

I got pregnant. Imagining how it was going to work to get a baby carrier in and out of the van was comedic. I could put the carrier in through the driver's door, and then leave it in the backseat. Then I would carry my baby in and out of the vehicle through the driver's door to get them buckled up into their carrier. This was a possible solution. It would work out. I would make sure it worked. I didn't have any other choices.

My mom was not to happy about the thoughts of her grandchild being transported in this vehicle. She did not like the thought of my putting this baby in and out of the car through the driver's door. She wanted a safer vehicle for her grandchild to be riding in. An opportunity arose for her to fix this situation. She wanted to buy me a new vehicle, and she was able to do so.

My mom let me know her plan, and she asked me to make a list of what I wanted in a vehicle. That's when it started. How could I not be excited to get a new vehicle with all the doors working properly? Especially when I was expecting a baby soon! I made my list of wants. I knew I had wanted a Toyota Corolla since my parents had had one. That was easy. Power windows, power locks, a manual transmission, cloth seats (I am not big on leather seats in the summer), and good gas mileage was also easy. Along with a sun and moon roof would definitely be nice. If I could choose the color, I wanted it to be green.

I gave my list to my mother excited at the thought of owning a vehicle that matched my list. I imagined owning this vehicle. I felt all the emotions I would feel, if I got this vehicle! Knowing that my mom was searching for this dream vehicle, filled me full of excitement! She searched for a while. I didn't let the time it was taking let me get down. I knew she was looking for a vehicle that matched my list, it might take some time to find it. I let her know it didn't have to have everything on my list.

It happened. She found it! It was not green. Otherwise, it matched my list. A sun and moon roof, power locks, power windows, manual transmission, cloth seats, good gas mileage, and, to top it off, it was a Toyota Corolla! The color was Champagne, which was almost a rose gold color. I was not against this color. We went to see it. We test drove this car. It was so nice! It was my dream vehicle in real life!

We went inside to go over the paperwork. This was when we were told that this car had had one other owner. She owned this car for 10 years, and all of the maintenance was done regularly. It had a clean record! The price was less than what my mom had wanted to spend on a vehicle for me, as well. It fit all of the specifications that had been set! We bought it! My dream vehicle was mine! And before my baby had arrived!

This car has been amazing for me! I have owned this car for just over 13 years, and it has only needed 3 costly repairs thus far. When those repairs are being done, the mechanics are shocked at how amazing this car is, especially when they are considering the fact that it is 23 years old.

I manifested this car before I knew what manifesting was! I manifested this car by getting excited about it! This car is still with me! I manifested an amazing car! I am now learning about manifesting things in my life. I have learned that when I get excited about things, they are easier for me to manifest. Getting excited is my trick to manifest things in my life! Do you have a trick to manifest things in your life?

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