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Jumping Disclaimer

I am choosing to jump into the life that is designed for me to live! Part of my jumping into this life includes me telling my story. While I have been meditating on what I will be sharing, and how I will be sharing it, I came to the conclusion that a disclaimer is a necessary item to share.

While you are reading/watching/seeing parts of my story, you may recognize that I am referring to you as an individual. While this may be the case, I want you to know, I am not sharing my story out of hurt, pain, or anger. I am not sharing my story to seek out apologies.

I am sharing my story, so that it may help others who are needing, &/or wanting, to learn how I have made it to the place where my life is today. I am sharing my story to show where my life has been, and what steps I have taken, what lessons I have learned to become the person I am today. I am sharing my story so that it may be used to help others who are needing encouragement to take those next steps. I am sharing my story so that it may be a tool used to show others that it is possible to change the way you think, react, and choose your choices in life.

My heart physically hurts when I hear about how others are feeling stuck in a situation similar to one I have experienced. My eyes fill with tears when I hear that others are not excited, let alone happy, with their lives, as they are living them.

Throughout my life I have learned ways, steps, that have helped me change my life to be one that I am excited about. That being said, it does not mean that I am living a perfect life, always excited. It does mean that I have learned how to both love and like the person I am. I have learned how forgiveness plays a major role in my life. I have learned how to change the choices I am making to better my life.

Some parts of my story may be triggers for others. I am going to be 100% honest with where my life has been. Looking back, I sometimes question how I am still alive. I know I am alive, because my story is going to be one that helps others. My story was created so that I would have the first hand knowledge needed to assist others on their journeys through life.

As I am sharing my story, I ask that you do not feel like I am expecting, or wanting, you to apologize. I have worked through my past to become who I am today. I have forgiven those who I felt I needed to forgive which have played roles in my story. I am not telling my story out of a victim, "please feel sorry for me", mentality. Rather I am telling my story out of a "Look what is possible!" mentality.

Are you ready to hear my story?? I saw a sign yesterday that I took to be the final sign needed to confirm that now is the time for me to start sharing this with you!

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