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Officially Deciding, Can Be the Most Difficult Part

I am learning lots of new things. Manifesting is one of those things. Along with manifesting, I have been learning about vision boards. I decided to create my own vision board, and put it to practice. I have changed it up a couple of times, trying to decide which version of a vision board will work best for myself, and our family.

One of the items I had added to our vision board was a Jeep I had built through This Jeep had all the options Josh and I had discussed wanting, if we were going to get one. It seemed to have had all the correct options chosen. When we discussed it, we went back and forth on it, though. I decided to check again, and created new options.

I saw that while they did not have the purple as a color choice for either the 2019 or the 2020, they did have a couple greens. They had the mojito in the 2019, and a sarge green in the 2020. They were also offering the Rubicon in 2019, while they had the Rubicon Recon available in the 2020. Again, we went back and forth.

We finally agreed on the 2020 Rubicon Recon in the sarge green. This was what we wanted, right? Something still felt off. We continued to discuss all of our options. One of the choices we had to make was regarding whether we should be looking into getting a Jeep, or if we needed another gas conserving commuter car. Through our discussions, we came to the conclusion that we don't need a commuter car at this point in our lives. I have my home-based business, and with Covid, Josh is now working from home more than in the office.

We went off-roading with our friends on Sunday. While we were driving out to the meeting location, we passed by an ocean blue Jeep. Josh stated that he really likes the ocean blue Jeeps. The Jeep I had originally built for my vision board was in the ocean blue. It matched our Ram. We could have a driveway full of blue vehicles!

We agreed. I was going to be building yet another Jeep to add to the vision board. We went to my parents' house for dinner, to celebrate birthdays, and verify that Dad was doing okay after his visit to the hospital. Mom had already gotten the food that she had been wanting prior to us getting there, so Carissa got to choose what we would be getting for dinner. She chose Chinese.

Josh's fortune cookie read:

My fortune cookie read:

This was quite the situation. We didn't get home till late, so I postponed building the new Jeep idea until Monday morning. I did the thing. I built the 2020 Rubicon Recon Ocean Blue Jeep. I printed it out. While I was still on the site with my build, I decided to click on the 'Find a Dealer' button. There was a Jeep available in West Valley that had 4 differences from the one I had built.

Difference number one: I didn't find it necessary to upgrade to leather from cloth seats. Difference number two: I didn't find it necessary to upgrade to color matching fender flares. Difference number three: I did not find it necessary to upgrade to the remote proximity keyless entry. Difference number four: it did not have the dual-top group included.

I had been learning about raising my vibrations, as well. I knew we could raise our vibrations, and increase the ability to visualize, and add in the emotions, if we went for a test drive. I scheduled a test drive for Wednesday. They called and said we could go in for a test drive that day, Monday. We agreed. We took the girls with us, so we could raise the vibrations of our entire family.

There it was! I got some photos while we were conducting the test drive! All to assist with raising our vibrations!

When we got back to the dealership, they asked if we wanted to run the numbers to see what it would look like. At the mention, I stated to myself, "If we are meant to get this today, we will be driving it off the lot. If we are meant to wait, we won't be approved to drive it off the lot.

We did a thing! And we are loving it! Every morning thus far, the question of, "Can we go for a drive in our blue Jeep?" is being asked. This was definitely a fun exercise, especially while I knew what we were doing through the process! I also know what to do following what we did! I am loving soaking in the knowledge on what to do to manifest, raise our vibrations, and keep them all high!

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