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Taking That Next Action Step

I have been learning what it is to have a vision board, and what I need to do to get that vision board to work for me. One of the hardest parts about getting it to work, has more often than not been taking that next action step. I had been avoiding one of the action steps that I was continuing to get. It was too scary! What if.....

Then, I realized I was thinking about it wrong. Rather than thinking, 'What if nothing comes from it?' Or, 'What if they respond stating that they don't like my photos?' I needed to shift my thinking to, 'What if they agree to work with me?' And, 'What if they love my photos?' This shift assisted me with stopping the procrastination, stopping the avoiding, and stepping outside of my comfortable little box and into the big, big world!

I did it! I sent emails I was terrified to send. I knew the chances of hearing back from them right away was small. With that in mind, I knew I would stay positive for however long it would take. They responded! Not only did they respond, but they responded a lot quicker than I had expected! A line of communication has been opened, and I am choosing to believe that this is going to lead to big doors opening for myself, my photography, and my family!

In order to be willing to take that next action step, I had to first change my 'what if' statements to all be positive 'what if' statements. Once my 'what if' statements transitioned to being positive, my next action step didn't seem so scary. Positivity is one of my keys to producing items that are on my vision board. Positivity is also one of my keys to opening doors, especially the doors that I once thought would be impossible!

I am no longer going to be believing that it cannot happen, because I know with that belief it won't ever happen. While I sometimes need the reminder that I need to continue to believe, and not give in or give up, I am choosing the positive 'what if' statements in all of the areas of my life. I choose to believe 'It could happen.' I choose to dream big, dream often, and believe that those dreams will come true!

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