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To-Do List

Do you have a to-do list running through your mind on a constant basis? I do. I have been known to rarely write my list out on paper, because that takes time away from accomplishing the tasks I am working on, or it will simply take too much of my time.

I went through a learning experience with one of the coaches I have in my life that changed this for me. I have even been able to witness it in action, proving that it works!

Take the time, even if you set a timer for 5 minutes, to write out the list that is running through your mind. All of the tasks that you need to do, but for whatever reason you haven't. Once you have this list written out, take the time to mark/highlight all of the tasks that require one action to complete. All the tasks that would take less than 5 minutes to be checked off your list as being done.

Complete those tasks. No, I am not saying to re-arrange your priorities. I am saying you should get the quick items that you can complete completed, so that you will clear that task off of your list. By doing this, you are opening your mind up for different information to sit in that space. You will no longer feel weighed down by this/these tasks.

My examples include: Getting a hose to hook our fridge up to a water supply, so we can utilize both the ice maker, and the fridge water dispenser in the door. It took me over two years to complete this task. Why?? Because it wasn't a priority. When I did finally get this done, I realized how heavy this task had been weighing on me for these past years.

Once it was done, I also realized that a new task got added to my list. I needed to get a new filter for our fridge. This time, while it took me about a month to go out and buy the filter, it only took me a month. Not years. I did not allow this task to sit in my mind as long, bringing the lifting of the weight it held for me in a much quicker fashion.

Another item that had sat on my to-do list, was getting the gravity food and water dishes for our dogs. While I am grateful this task did not get completed when I initially added it, I have been able to check it off of my list. This task is an example of sometimes knowing that now is not the right time, and listening for when it will be the right time.

When we brought the second dog into our home, there was some growling around their food dishes. If we had bought the gravity bowls when we first thought of doing so, we would have had a more difficult transition. After working with the dogs on being willing to share, the growling had become almost non-existent. This was the sign I had needed, to tell me it was time to get this task checked off my list.

I am offering all of you to try this yourself. Write out your to-do list, and see if you are able to check items off. I would love to hear how all of your experiences go with this activity!

Also, if you are struggling with your to-do list, it does come back to setting boundaries in your life. Due to this, I am inviting you to check out the retreat I am hosting this November, in Southern Utah. At this retreat you will learn how to set boundaries in your everyday life, and set them with the confidence needed to stand behind them. You can find more details at Please reach out to me with any questions you have!

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