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What's With The Name??

Rise from the Ashis doesn't bring beautiful photography as a first thought. So, why did I choose this as my business name?? It started years ago. I was sketching out clothes I would like to create one day, when I decided I should design the tag to place on the clothes. I decided that I wanted to use letters out of my name. That is how Ashis was formed. I really liked the way it looked when I wrote it out.

Once I had this name picked out, it stuck with me through the years. I finally decided to take the jump and start my own business. When this decision was made, I knew I still wanted it to be called Ashis. My husband had mentioned extending the name to Rise from the Ashis. I liked that it was a better description for who I had become.

I am not proud of all of the decisions I have made throughout my life. Some of my memories of where my life has been, have me wondering how I am still alive today. There is a reason. I am transitioning into learning more about this reason, at this time, as well. Rise from the Ashis, happens to be in reference to a phoenix. With a phoenix, they reach a time in their lives when they turn to ash. When this happens it is a death to what they had been, and an opening to becoming what they will become.

I feel a similarity to the phoenix with the fact that my life did reach a point where it reached a death of what it had become, and I got a new life, another chance, at making my life different. A chance of changing what my life will become. With this transition, I changed the choices I had been making, to being choices I would be proud of. Creating a life I would be proud of.

It wasn't a snap of my fingers to make all of the changes I was wanting to see in my life. It was a journey. Making different choices, sticking to those choices, becoming a person I would like, and one day learn to love.

Photography has been a part of my life throughout all of the years. It did not stop when I started to make these new choices. Rather it intensified. I have always wanted to be able to draw, or even paint a sunset. With photography, I am able to capture these images easily. Along with the photos I am able to take of nature, I have grown in my desire to capture natural moments. Capturing memories!

I may not have taken the time to learn how to draw, or paint, the sights I love to see. I have, however, been able to capture all of these sites on film. Rise from the Ashis, represents my ability to capture naturally beautiful sights in life on film, as well as show others how they can find their inner phoenix.

My business name encompasses all of it. It describes how I was able to rise from the ash of my old life, and grow into my new life. It is about second chances, and making them count. It is about growing into the person you are longing to be. It is about finding beauty in the dark times. It represents who I am.

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1 Comment

Jenn Wells
Jenn Wells
Jun 04, 2020

Great testimony!

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