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Working as a Team

Josh and I joined forces. We were running into issues with our Commander, and were having to decide if we wanted to pay more money to continue fixing this vehicle up, or if it was time to look for a new vehicle. We had already put more money into the Commander than the purchase price was.

We were sad to let go of it, because we had thought it was going to be a great vehicle for us. While it was better than the vehicle we had had prior to it, it definitely had its issues. We started to look at vehicles, while we were working towards getting the money for the needed repairs. We started discussing what type of vehicle made sense for us to get at this time. Going through the list, over and over.

Should we get a van? Maybe it should be another commuter car. What about a truck? How about another SUV type? What are we going to want to do the most with this vehicle? Do we want to be able to go off-road with a vehicle? Does gas mileage matter more than the number of seats? What about cargo space?

I had wanted a truck for some time, and Josh knew this. In the end we decided to look into a truck. We could get an extended cab, so that our children would have room. I wanted an extended bed, as well, however Josh wasn't convinced that we needed an extended bed. As we were searching, we were finding trucks we weren't sure would be any better than the Commander. That, or, they were outside of our budget.

Once I had given in to the idea of getting a shorter bed, and we were in agreement on all the details we were looking for in a new vehicle, it happened. Josh found a truck that seemed like it was too good to be true! It was a Ram 1500 Big Horn. It had a lower amount of miles on it, had the larger cab, and the smaller bed. It wasn't red, which was one of my desires, and got added to the pros list. It had all the items on our check list checked.

We agreed that we should see if we could schedule a test drive. It was set up. We drove out to the dealership, just to test drive and view this truck that seemed too good. It really existed! It was a beautiful truck! What was wrong with it? Why was it within reach of our budget? Would we be able to actually buy this truck?

We drove it around the block. Oh my goodness! This was a dream for me! I had started to feel the fear that we wouldn't be able to get it. As this fear came, I decided to repeat, "If we are supposed to get this truck, we will get this truck. If we aren't supposed to get this truck, we will not be authorized to get this truck."

When asked, we decided, "what could it hurt", so we stuck around to fill out the paperwork. When all was said and done, I got to clean out the Commander! I was not expecting to be buying a new vehicle, just test driving one. It is amazing how many crooks and crannies are found in a vehicle, especially when you are cleaning it out for the final time.

We all said goodbye to our Commander, and drove off the lot in our new Ram! We were excited, and it was meant to be! We had a truck!

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